About Us

Founded in 1970 & fully established in 1982 currently known as Covenant Project Management. The company has been through decades of industries transformations & revolutions.

Starting from its humble background during its early times in the transport & mobility industries, the company has been proactive in various core businesses. Thus, earning its extensive experience in handling turnkey projects. Being in the industries for many years has given the company an edge amongst competitors and has earned its credentials and identity throughout various sectors. The company endeavors to play a key role in the supply chain management providing a one-stop solution service to customers in any tailored manners & requirements.

Our dedication and reputation in the industries has earned us our strong comprehensive overseas network enabling us to greatly optimize achievements and provide the most reliable yet cost effective quality service that goes beyond our customers’ satisfaction. Covenant Project Management is an established service engineering-based company well versed in catering to requirements of different industries demand.

Project Management

Covenant provides the highest standards of professional project management services utilizing our experienced project managers to realize business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality. With continuous interchanges over the years, Covenant has been engaging into arrangements for joint working with other associations and institutions, both local and overseas which enhance knowledge and standards of our project management team.

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